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Location: The Chanterelle

Date: March 22, 2024

Tickets: $10

Time: 7:30pm start time

Doors open 7pm

Cash Bar

Photo Credit: Tyler Skalzelski

Graphic Design: Miranda Van Den Berg


In 1981, in the concession lobby of the Highway 69 Drive-in just outside of Sudbury, a group of prominent Canadian horror directors gather to create a writing collective to workshop each of their next films.


Horror has become a dirty word after an angry taxpayer killed off one of their colleagues five years earlier and was never caught. As a snowstorm rages outside and people start to go missing, it begins to become chillingly clear that the killer is among them.

Inspired by the ’70s and ’80s horror film slashers, this alternative history of Canadian cinema explores the critically derided tax-shelter era film boom to shine a light on how this marginalized and misunderstood period of Canadian filmmaking has been sadly ignored.



Playwright / Lawrence Zazelenchuk

Andrew Paulsen lives in Thunder Bay, working in film, TV, radio, and theatre, as a director, producer, writer, and actor.

He is an internationally produced PGC playwright and runs his own theatre group, New Noise Productions, producing alternative and edgy offerings in Thunder Bay.

Originally from Hurkett, Ontario, he is a graduate of the Confederation College Film Program and received an HBA in Psychology and a MA in English from Lakehead University.

He has acted in local productions like Superior Theatre Festival’s Between Two Breaths, directed by the World Wide Lab, and Magnus Theatre’s Miracle On 34th Street. He has also worked for companies like Eleanor Drury Children's Theatre and acted for companies like Frankly Scarlet, 10x10, and Cambrian Players. He is a director-at-large for local not-for-profits Cambrian Players and the North Of Superior Film Association.

His plays CerebrospinaliS, Falling Backwards, and A Man Dies By The Gun were produced by the local 10x10 Play Festivals. His play The Last House was produced in the 2019 New Market National 10 Minute Play Festival, and his play Rōnin was produced in Helisinki in a British-Finish coproduction at the 3rd Annual Höyhentämö Short-n-Snappy Showcase. He was a member of the Inaugural Playwrights' Unit at Magnus Theatre and the Inaugural Northern Creators Unit with Pat The Dog Theatre Creation. His full-length play *You Paid For It; They’ll Pay For It* was given a workshop and reading last year at the Sudbury Theatre Centre.

His full-length plays are Cerebrospinalis, Come and Find Me, Moosefucker, Ontario, Dead Boy Party, Cosmonaut, You Paid For It; They’ll Pay For It, Heckler, and the soon-to-be-finished Chain-Gang.

He likes Canuxploitation and Hammer films, point-and-click adventure games, cigars, Ameritrash board games, cats, dogs, giraffes, wordless comics, betting on horses, and solving Rubix’s Cubes.


Stefani Celine - Director

Stefani Celine - Director

Stefani is a multi-disciplined artist living and working in Thunder Bay. She has had the privilege of working on multiple stages professionally and as a volunteer in roles as a model, actor, stage manager, light tech, props master, scenic painter, and director. Most recently in her theatre career, her first solo writing project , Leap Frog, was produced at the 2023 10x10 Play Festival by Magnus Theater. She is very excited to be Directing You Paid For It; They’ll Pay For It.

Andrew Simpson - Bob Clark

Andrew Simpson - Bob Clark

After completing the film production program at Confederation College, Andrew has gone on to work in the film industry in a myriad of different roles ranging from on-set work to behind the scenes as a Client Rep through the Toronto Film Industry while directing film as an Independent Filmmaker with credited collaborations with esteemed actors including Canada’s own Stephen James and Lynne Griffin.

Ben Albert -  Jerry Ciccoritti

Ben Albert - Jerry Ciccoritti

Local to Thunder Bay, Ben is excited to be a part of this incredible local festival. Besides previous high school productions, Ben’s recent theatre experiences include multiple roles in both “A Christmas Carol” and “The Snow Queen” and improv shows at Cambrian Players theatre. Ben wants to thank his amazing partner Jenny for her endless love and support. He’d also like to thank Playwright Andrew for believing in him. Keep an eye out for Ben in more local theatre coming soon!

Chris Jason -  Jim Makichuk

Chris Jason -  Jim Makichuk

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Chris caught the acting bug when a good friend called him up one day to fill in for a lead actor in their play, and he’s been hooked ever since. He has had the incredibly good fortune to work with many different theatre companies, for over 15 years, in over 35 productions. From roles in musical theatre, to comedic and dramatic roles, Chris loves to perform and entertain people through the magical escapism that is live theatre.

Dennis Dubinsky - Thomas Drake

Dennis Dubinsky - Thomas Drake

Dennis has performed in many plays with Cambrian Players, Badanai theatre and the 10x10 short play festival. He has also acted in tv, film and voiceover/narration work in Ottawa, Vancouver and Edmonton, before returning to Thunder Bay. He hopes you enjoy this reading!

Jennifer McCallion -  Paul Lynch

Jennifer McCallion - Paul Lynch

Jennifer McCallion is a comedian and actor from the Waterloo region. She has performed in a variety of roles such as Hecuba in Hecuba, Long John Silver in Treasure Island, and any character that comes to mind during improvised performances. Jennifer has studied theatre in University and graduated from the Toronto Second City Conservatory program. Jennifer is dedicated to spreading the love of theatre and improv in Thunder Bay and is grateful to be a part of You Paid For It; They'll Pay For It.

Nancy Freeborn - William Freut

Nancy Freeborn - William Freut

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Nancy Freeborn has been a performer almost all of her life. From lead roles in local musical theatre productions such as “Sister Act” (Badanai Theatre) and “RENT” (Applauze Productions), to playing frontwoman in her band “Morning Light”, Nancy can be found just about anywhere there’s a stage. Whether she’s singing, acting or trying to dance, you can be sure that Nancy is having the time of her life sharing her passion for the performing arts with an audience.

Mandy McMahan - David Cronenberg / Stage Directions

Mandy McMahan - David Cronenberg / Stage Directions

This is Mandy’s second performance in Thunder Bay; the first being Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (Directed by Andrew Paulsen). Previous stage experience includes her first love of dance, written productions, and improv in the US and Scotland.

Rob Paularinne - George Mihalka

Rob Paularinne - George Mihalka

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Rob has been an avid lover of theatre since his parents took him to see his first production of *Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story* in the big city of Toronto in his youth. His love for telling stories on stage was further cultivated in the small stage at Hammarskjold High School where he met many highly creative people ranging from encouraging teachers to talented actors and musicians.

*Thom Currie - Denis Héroux

*Thom Currie - Denis Héroux

Thom Currie is a director, playwright, dramaturg, actor and producer, and he has been a storyteller, puppeteer, composer and lyricist. Thom has worked in theatres across North America and Europe and is very proud to Magnus Theatre's seventh Artistic Director. His directing credits include over 90 productions, as well as over 50 productions for young audiences. Prior to joining the Magnus Theatre team, Thom served as Artistic Director at several professional theatres across Canada.

* "The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance Opera Theatre Policy (DOT)."


Photos: Frank Baratta


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