Superior Theatre Festival’s operations reside in the Robinson-Superior Treaty Territory which has been built on the traditional lands of the Ojibwe people of Fort William First Nation.  

For a long time, this region was traditionally used as a summer gathering area, just as we are gathered now and we would like to offer our respect and gratitude to the original caretakers of this land: the elders and ancestors - the Ojibwe people, also known as the Anishinaabe, meaning ‘first or original people’.  Miigwetch for allowing us to gather here today.

At Superior Theatre Festival we are committed to building relationships with the First Nation People in this community and will continue to build that relationship each year so they feel comfortable and welcomed within our institution.  Our sincere goal is to honour that relationship by walking hand in hand, together.


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Superior Theatre Festival is back, fully live and in-person, after two years. From July 21st-24th our sixth annual festival features movement and improv workshops, two performances of the interactive modern dance piece “Possibilities of Dialogue” at Magnus Theatre, and a weekend full of local talent in the Spirit Garden, all presented with the unifying theme of “Rise Together”.

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  • With over 25 different artists to see and 2 different venues - there is something for everyone at STF

  • You can choose to by a full-day pass on one day and stay in the Spirit Garden for the whole day or choose to see the dance show at Magnus one night and buy a half-day pass on Sunday July 24th. The sky's the limit!

  • Check in with our website and social accounts (Instagram and Facebook) for any weather-related information

  • Come and take a chance on a show you would normally never get to see!! Why not?

  • Bring your folding chairs, picnic blankets and even a picnic lunch! It's a perfect opportunity to make a fun picnic of your time with us and your whole family.  We'll also have some blankets for you to use, if you forget your own.

  • Bring sunscreen, a hat and some water in a reusable water bottle! We'll have some extra umbrellas available to keep the sun away - just in case.

  • We are in a public park - so we ask that you take your garbage with you and let's keep the park and environment that we cherish so much clean for all to enjoy.

  • If you're watching the dance show Possibilities of Dialogue we encourage you to wear your mask indoors to keep you and your neighbours safe.