Superior Theatre Festival’s operations reside in the Robinson-Superior Treaty Territory which has been built on the traditional lands of the Ojibwe people of Fort William First Nation.  


We acknowledge that we are not the original caretakers of this land and so we would first like to say thank you for their stewardship of the land and for allowing us to come together in their territory.


At Superior Theatre Festival we are committed to building relationships with the First Nation People in this community and will continue to build that relationship each year so they feel comfortable and welcomed within our institution.  Our sincere goal is to honour that relationship by walking hand in hand, together.


We’ve been thinking about what we can do to be better allies and we want to encourage you to think about shopping at First Nations businesses or donating to Beendigen during our Fundraiser on Saturday August 22nd from 7-8pm.  This organization is an Anishinabe Women's Crisis Home and family healing agency.

Our fundraiser is called Empowered Together and if you cannot watch the fundraiser on Saturday - it will be left online for you to watch at your convenience and donate at any point.