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2018 Event Details

Between Two Breaths

Partnerships with STF, World Wide Lab, Lakehead University and Urban Abbey.

Performances July 27-29th, 2018


This year STF is committed to devising a multi-disciplinary piece with artists from Thunder Bay and artists from around the world.  This residency component continues to cultivate our commitment to celebrating NorthWestern Ontario stories and voices. STF will collaborate with the World Wide Directors Lab to create a devised piece of theatre with Actors/Writers/Musicians/Dancers/Creators from Thunder Bay and Director/Creators from around the world.  The content of the piece will begin to emerge in the months leading up to the arrival of the Directors from WWL in July but will revolve around questions of home.


The World Wide Lab is an international directors’ collective, with members who are creating dynamic, diverse and engaging work in every corner of the globe.  The World Wide Lab provides an international platform for creating new work that is both created and performed in dialogue with its host communities.  After seven years culminating with a successful residency and performance of a site specific piece in Taiwan, the WWL is prepared and enthusiastic to bring its practice and evolving methodology to Thunder Bay and the Superior Theatre Festival. WWL has created an international model that explores each specific cultural context through storytelling that engages with the unique ecology of the individual community experience. The international span of the group, with eleven directors from eight countries, has opened up the possibility of a wide range of cultural exchange, allowing them to cross borders and cultures both geographically and theatrically. Check out their past work at:


Six of the eleven WWL Members have committed to coming to Thunder Bay:  Jocelyn Yuchia Chang (Taipei), Chang Nai Wen (Berlin, Taipei),  Evan T. Cummings  (New York), Annie G. Levy (New York, Tuscaloosa), Laura Tesman  (New York), Evan Tsitsias  (Toronto, Houston).

Venue: Urban Abbey


Scheduled Performance Times: 

Friday July 27th - 9-10:15pm (Opening Night)

Saturday July 28th - 2:00-3:45pm (Post-Show Discussion)

Saturday July 28th - 8pm-9:15pm

Sunday July 29th - 7-8:15pm (Post-Show Discussion | Closing Show)

Director's Message:

We’ve spent the last three weeks listening to stories about Thunder Bay. Asking questions in hopes of reflecting the city’s culture, ecology and history, ultimately creating an entrance for some dialogue within the community. As in every culture, there is both good and bad, dark and light. We’ve explored the spectrum of stories offered to us by the ensemble of Thunder Bay community members.

All of the words that you hear tonight have come directly out of the mouths of the participants in this piece. We’ve all made connections from the personal to the communal. We’ve travelled across three continents, weaving personal stories and mythologies from different cultures attempting to find a global thread. Mythology exists in every culture. In everyone. We’ve enjoyed working with mythology because it allows for all of the stories of a community (even those that offer different versions of the same experience, stories that contradict each other) to co-exist. We’ve done our best to honour and take care of the stories we’ve unearthed here and sculpt them into the piece that we present to y
ou tonight.

Just as we’ve been making our own connections throughout this process, we encourage you to do the same as you listen to these stories. The stories of your community members. The stories of your community. Thunder Bay. Your home.

Production Gallery

The Devisors

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Lighting and Production

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Along with World Wide Lab Directors

What is WWL?


The World Wide Lab is an international collective of Directors from around the world that collaborate together to share stories from far and near with audiences around the world.


They met as members of the Lincoln Centre Theatre Directors Lab in the Summer of 2010 and desired to continue collaborating with each other in a way that would draw on the best elements of their Lab experience: learning about traditions other than our own, collaborating on new ideas and techniques, and working on projects and methods outside of their normal practice.


They believe their geographic and cultural diversity serves as their inspiration for WorldWideLab: A Directors Festival. The work we present will be possible through an openness to learn from, and share with, our collaborators. Through theatre, borders can become inconsequential.

World Wide Lab Directors

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