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programming 2017


Salt-Water Moon 

Salt-Water Moon is set on a moonlit night in 1926 in Coley’s Point, Newfoundland.  It is a beautiful story of two young lovers who reunite after a year apart. 
A Canadian classic, this production will take your breath away, not only because of the beauty embedded in this text but also because it will be played outside in the beautiful Spirit Garden and will proudly feature two Thunder Bay actors in the leading roles.


Producing Company: Superior Theatre Festival


Artists: Playwright: David French, Director: Donna Marie Baratta, Designer: Nancy Anne Perrin, Actor: Tia Lunn, Actor: Neil Paterson, Musician: Mary Welby, Stage Manager: Victoria Carella, Technical Director: Mike Maki


Scheduled Performance Time: 

Friday July 28th - 7-8:30pm

Saturday July 29th 2:00-4pm (this performance includes the Youth Summer Theatre Program presentation)

Saturday July 29th 9:30pm-11pm

Sunday July 30th 2-3:30pm

Sunday July 30th 7-8:30pm


Venue: Spirit Garden, Prince Arthurs Landing / Urban Abbey as Rainout location


Themes: Reunion, young love, Canadian Classic, Newfoundland, post WWI, family friendly


eating with lola

Lola is so old she has to be spoon fed by her granddaughter. but it wasn't always like this. it was always Lola's job to find food -- even if it meant stealing it. Over the course of Lola's last meal on earth, Lola's life and the modern history of Manila unfolds -- one spoonful at a time.


Producing Company: Sulong Theatre


Artists: written and performed by Catherine Hernandez, directed by Ann Powell, Developed by Carlos Bulosan Theatre Company, Roseneath theatre, Kultura Festival, Lab Cab festival and the original full length version was workshopped by Fu-Gen Asian Canadian Theatre Company.


Scheduled Performance Time: Friday July 28th, 2017 2:30pm-3:30pm (post-show chat 3:30-4pm)


Venue: Waverley Resource Library


Themes: intergenerational relationships, puppetry, object theatre, immigrant experience, family friendly, ages 10+



"Hernandez is immediate and charismatic."
- Mooney on Theatre re: Eating with Lola


"Hernandez is a captivating storyteller and performer" - Torontoist re: The Femme Playlist

​"Hernandez mesmerizes and delights." - Toronto Social Review re: The Femme Playlist

4 ½ (ig)noble truths

Let’s pretend for a second that we’re OK. What does that feel like? A lot of things are not OK with Thomas but he's got a ten-pound sledge hammer and is pretty sure that could solve at least one of his problems. This is a show that he wrote. Because we are walking around polishing silverware or running schools or arresting jaywalkers, and dying all the time and no one is saying anything. We aren’t talking because we don’t have words. Or we have those words but to say them could be worse. If he howls will you howl back? If we howl together will we be healed? Thomas McKechnie’s 4 1⁄2 (ig)noble truths is a deeply personal attempt to articulate his experience living with clinical depression. Framed as a matter-of-fact lecture, when this method falls short Thomas makes use of objects, poetry, sound, and violent action to embody and share his perceived reality.

Producing Company: Why Not Theatre

Artists: Writer and performer: Thomas McKechnie, Director: Michael Reinhart, Scenography: Claire Hill, Assistant Director: Julia Matias, Producer: Kelly Read, Stage manger: Jesse Byiers

Scheduled Performance Time: Saturday July 29th, 2017 7-8:00PM & Sunday July 30th, 2017 8pm-9:00pm (Post-show chat after each performance)

Venue: The Finlandia Hall

Warning: Mature subject and theme, not suitable for young audiences

Theme(s): part lecture/part theatre, depression, grand metaphorical visuals

Awards: Outstanding Direction and Outstanding Performance (SummerWorks 2016) - Now Magazine


“dark, vulnerable and beautiful…we need more art like this” – The Theatre Reader

“Director Michael Reinhart accomplishes the rare feat of infusing grand metaphorical visuals and engaging action into a solo production.  41/2 (ig)noble truths is moving, funny, helpful and goddamn brave; you need to see it.” A+ – My Entertainment World

“McKechnie and Director Michael Reinhart have found a unique way to present the story.  The effect is startling…[we] feel the mounting pressures and high stakes involved” – NNNN Now Magazine




Speechless is loosely inspired by actual events in Thunder Bay, and reflects some of the ongoing tensions between marginalized groups and the majority population. A 30-minute staged reading followed by facilitated audience discussion.

A young law student in Thunder Bay urges caution and thoughtful dialogue at the cost of his own career aspirations following an assault which seems motivated by hate. The public responds immediately with an outpouring of support in online media and a protest rally, until the discovery of new evidence causes a shift of opinion.


Artists: Playwright: Cathi Grandfield  Director: Jeff MacKay,  Actors:  Cornelius Beaver, Elliott Cromarty, Andrea Jacobsen, Justin Parcher, Sarah Walker


Scheduled Performance Time:
Friday July 28th, 2017, 4pm-5pm & Saturday July 29th, 2017, 5pm-6pm


Venue: Urban Abbey


Warnings: Mature language and themes, not suitable for young audiences

Themes: LGBTQ+, politics, racism, public opinion

Scratchlings by Mothlight - Songs and Stories by Sean Jesseau

Musician and writer Sean Jesseau sifted decades of his original songs, stories, poetry and monologues this year and took the pickings to the outrageously creative guitarist Mario Potestio.  Enjoy two relentlessly adventurous artists stretching the boundaries of form with powerful, quirky, funny, touching and intriguing words and music. 

Producing Company: A Night Noises Spectacle

Artists: Author/vocalist/hand-drummer; Sean Jesseau,  Guitar-scapes and electronics; Mario Potestio

Scheduled Performance Time:
Friday July 28th, 2017, 9pm-10pm


Venue: Urban Abbey 

Theme(s): Transformation and awakening, Interdisciplinary, Collaborative, Inventive


This work is a dance duet based in contemporary and contact dance. The work is physical and aims to depict the layers of who we are as individuals and how these individuals relate to one another. The variety of people we have in our life and the range of relationships created with these people helps us to develop and grow. The process of selecting who we create memories with, who makes us smile, or who we guard ourselves from is integral to who we are. Realizing your contribution to a relationship is understanding an intimate power. How do you use it?


Artists: Choreographers: Mikaela Demers and William Hamilton, Performers: Mikaela Demers and William Hamilton, Musician: Jack Aldous and Julie Balen, Sound Designer & Costume Designer: Mikaela Demers


Scheduled Performance Time: Friday July 28th, 2017, 9-10pm & Saturday July 29th, 2017, 6:30-7:30pm


Themes: Relationship, kinds of love, contact dance

The Angies

The Angies’ is an all-female Rolling Stones tribute band formed out of their passion for the Stones and for playing music together as a group of talented women. While they enjoy putting their own spin on all eras of the Stones’ music, it is the hard-rocking, gritty yet magical, post-Altamont 1970s era that most captivates ‘The Angies’.  Their set includes classic Stones songs from the 1970s as well as other surprises to help set the mood and bring us all back to the '70s. 

Artists: Lead Guitar: Sam Chong, Lead Singer: Nancy Freeborn, Band Leader & Drums: Jenny McPhail, Bass & Backup Vocals: Jen Swinstun, Backing Vocals & mutli-instrumentalist: Mary Walker

Scheduled Performance Time:
Friday July 28th 2017, 10:30pm-11:30pm


Venue: Urban Abbey 


Warning: Drug reference and some crude language from the Stones’ quotes and interviews. 

Theme(s): Rock n’roll, Rolling Stones songs, Tribute band, all female band

A Family Story 

Many families keep secrets. A Family Story by Taina Maki Chahal is a short play about being honest with a loved one- even if one feels nervous about their response. It’s Saturday morning and Ryan has come over to his Finnish Mummo and Paappa`s to tell Paappa something he can’t keep silent about anymore. Ryan needs Mummo`s support on this. Mummo tries to mediate although she herself isn’t so comfortable with Ryan`s news. How will Paappa react to Ryan’s revelation? Look for the birds as messengers.


Producing Company: Two Sisters


Artists: Playwright & Director: Taina Maki Chahal, Co-Director: Della Bitove  Actors: Martti Ahonen, Della Bitove, Chazz Gogol


Scheduled Performance Time: 

Saturday July 29th 2017, 12pm-1pm 


Venue: Urban Abbey


Themes: family relationships, personal struggles, gender, LGBTQ+

The Moose’s Ransom


Mike, Stan and Brad are waiting for their friend Bob to meet them so they can start hunting the “Big One”. Bob was the successful hunter in the big games draw and the only one of the group to have the Bull Moose Tag. The guys have already spotted the biggest bull moose they have ever seen, and desperately try to contact Bob. Brad finally gets a text from Bob who informs them that he gave the tag to his alternate: Mona. She shows up with the much sought after tag and proceeds to negotiate her divorce with Mike in exchange of the Tag. 


Artists: Playwright & Director: Carole Sauve, Actors: Dennis Dubinsky, Gabe Ferrazzo, Mike Hinsperger, Tamara Rose


Scheduled Performance Time: Saturday July 29th 2017, 12pm-1pm


Venue: Urban Abbey


Themes: comedy, moose hunting, divorce negotiation



The lost art of conversation is explored in Scrabble, a 10 minute play where four friends gather to play the game of words. While they share passion for the game, they spend a lot of time talking and little time listening. Words built on the board are springboards for their separate interests. A drama bordering on the absurd side, Scrabble takes to the extreme the perils of what happens when we don’t engage in a meaningful conversation.


Artists: Playwright:  Susan Rogers, Director: Jim Hobson, Actors: Andrea Jacobsen, Chris Jason, Chris Minor, Jasmine Petch


Scheduled Performance Time:
Saturday July 29th 2017, 12-1pm


Venue: Urban Abbey

Themes: Absurd, comic elements, words matter, a need for meaningful conversation 

In Memory of Dane Gerrous

Sam is overwhelmed with grief over the loss of his best friend Dane. His girlfriend Rita rushes over to console him. The truth about this friend and his relationship with Sam is not what she expected.

Artists: Playwright: Carole Sauvé, Director: Maranda Dumas, Actors: Justin Bresele, Sheena Larson 

Scheduled Performance Time:
Saturday July 29th 2017, 12pm-1pm 


Venue: Urban Abbey 

Theme(s): Comedy, gamer, virtual world vs. real world

Golf Lessons

Married couple, Hank and Margie, begin to play 9 holes of golf on a par 3 course. Hank is an experienced golfer and wants to mentor his wife who is a novice. As they move from hole to hole, tempers flare and who is the more skilled and unflappable golfer comes in to question. 


Artists: Playwright: Jane Crossman, Director: L.J Henshell, Actors: Arlene King, Glen Paterson

Scheduled Performance Time:
Saturday July 29th, 2017, 6:30-7:30pm

Venue: Urban Abbey 

Theme(s): Comedy, golfing story, marital tension



Cathi Grandfield`s RAIN invites us to experience the central questions in an abusive, discordant relationship; how can you be together or can you be together? Sarah, played by Emily Upper, retreats to her safe place. She invites Kevin, played by Justin Parcher, into that space to explore options for how to survive the impending storm. Upper and Parcher, two of Thunder Bay`s finest young actors, have a long history of working together on stage, having appeared in many Rogue Productions. Their familiarity with each other brings a strong sense of confidence, maturity and empathy to the relationship explored in RAIN. Sobota is excited to be working collaboratively on RAIN with both the cast and the playwright. The content of RAIN refreshes his focus on issues he explored in his very first directorial effort while he was in university, Tennessee Williams` 27 Wagon Loads of Cotton.

Producing Company: Earnest Productions


Artists: Playwright: Cathi Grandfield, Director: Michael Sobota, Actors: Emily Upper, Justin Parcher 

Scheduled Performance Time:
Saturday July 29th, 2017 6:30-7:30pm 


Venue: Urban Abbey 


Warning: Language not suitable for young children.

Theme(s): emotional, engaging, difficult relationship, dramatic.

One for Norma

“Do you see me, Norma?”

“If I see you- “


“Then I have to show you things you never saw before.”

Fear of the future is suffocating Norma Bean. Her husband Jake tries to help her step back and breathe. Their encounter with Calliope, a mystical street vendor who offers stories as sustenance, beckons them into a world of wonder and possibility.

Producing Company: Pasquale Productions


Artists: Playwright: Cathi Grandfield, Director: Justin O`Brien, Actors: Nancy Freeborn, Heidi Gordon, Keri Pidgen, John Welyki

Scheduled Performance Time:
Saturday July 29th, 2017, 6:30-7:30pm

Venue: Urban Abbey 

Theme(s): experimental language-based theatre, playful exploration of sound, voice and language infused with wonder. 

Sunday Wilde and Reno Jack

Award winning artists Sunday Wilde and Reno Jack perform original beat poems and songs, with upright bass and keys. Both Sunday and Reno are published writers and have released 8 albums, as well as involved in a poetry collective in the past 10 years with numerous tours under their belt as a duo: old school.  Their last album was on the Grammy long list. Addiction, sadness, joy and family dysfunction are all subjects of their performance and expression. They blend powerful messages with intense vocals mixing poems and songs. 

Producing Company: Hwy 11 Records


Artists: Poet, pianist and Singer: Sunday Wilde &  Poet, Upright Bass player and Singer: Reno Jack

Scheduled Performance Time:
Saturday July 29th, 2017, 8pm-9pm

Venue: Urban Abbey 

Theme(s): Beat Poetry and song, addiction, family dysfunction, joy, sadness

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