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Dear STF Community,


This past year has been a fallow one for us. We have been working behind the scenes supporting new works, writing grants, working on building our board and looking at which projects we can dive into to make a reality in the next five years.


It may seem that we’re silent - but we aren’t. We are busy working away, a bit in isolation for now, but we look forward to re-connecting again as we near summer 2022.


We remain committed to continuing the kind of focus we have had in the last 5 years in bringing you performances in surprising ways and in non-traditional theatres. We will continue to focus on: Presentations, New Work Development, Masterclasses, and Dialogue/Exchange. These will look different from year to year but that’s the joy of a multi-disciplinary festival - we have the option of programming theatre, dance and music.


As a Festival, we have been thinking a lot about how important a culture of care and compassion is in the work we do. As we look forward to planning for the next few years, we are wondering how the festival can support the community and you. If you feel like dropping us a line with some suggestions - please do at superiortheatrefestival@gmail.com. We have taken all suggestions from the survey we did in 2020 to heart and found that practice very helpful as we plan forward.


Finally, if you feel like you would like to be involved in the festival in the years to come drop us a line and direct your message to Donna Marie. We will be looking for interested people in creative and admin positions and people that feel they can contribute to the growth of the Festival.


Thank you for being a supporter of Superior Theatre Festival - we are grateful for you and we hope to continue to be a part of your lives as we continue to grow within this community that we love.


Donna Marie Baratta

Superior Theatre Festival

is a professional multidisciplinary arts festival that launched in Thunder Bay, Ontario which activates a variety of indoor and outdoor sites, most notably the Spirit Garden at Prince Arthur’s Landing. The festival is facilitating collaborations between artists from Thunder Bay and other parts of Canada, showcasing a variety of theatrical options and mentoring a Young Company.

Superior Theatre Festival advances the appreciation of the arts by showcasing high-caliber contemporary work, programming work that celebrates our Northern Voice and creating enriching opportunities through arts education and dialogue.