JULY 9 - 28

YEAR 4: 2019

Alex The Artist, Masterclassses, Community Artist Meal


In our fourth year, our overarching theme was "Grow With Us!" We invited the audience to venture into this year of growth as we focussed on process and spent time devising a Masterclass series of workshops with professional artists, we workshopped a new play by Alycia Novak (a Thunder Bay playwright) with our Young Company called Alex The ArtistIn addition, we introduced the Community Artist Meal, as an opportunity for artists of all disciplines in the community to meet and talk about relevant topics to Arts in Thunder Bay while sharing a meal together. 


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ALEX THE ARTIST by Alycia Novak

A shy young girl who feels lost in the world discovers a magical secret that reveals her true purpose in life. As Alex sets out on a quest to stand up to the evil King and bring freedom back to all the artists in the land she realizes the power of her voice and the value of her creativity. Alex The Artist aims to inspire and remind the younger generation that  everyone has a voice and the potential to change the world: Empathy and creativity trump hate every single time. | July 27, 2019 |