2018 Event Details

The Personal on Stage: Writing Your Own Story

Evan T. Cumming (+ Local Core Facilitator)

The most interesting and engaging onstage stories are ones that connect to something true because they are specific and personal for the writer. Playwrights from Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller to Paula Vogel and Sam Hunter, monologists like Eve Ensler, Lisa Kron, Eric Bogosian & John Leguizamo create work that comes directly from their personal stories and experiences. Led by NYC-based director and playwright Evan T Cummings, this workshop will offer participants some tools for taking moments from their personal histories and experiences and drafting them in dramatic form. Established writers or those interested in trying playwriting for the first time are all welcome. Participants will read and discuss examples of personal writing from established playwrights, will work through writing exercises designed to explore the dramatic moments in our own lives, then will take the first steps of writing a scene or monologue based on something personally connected to their lives or experiences which will then be shared with the group. Each person will leave with the start of a play, or piece of theatre, that is both a dramatic piece of fiction for the stage and also connects to something personal in their own story.

Venue: Urban Abbey


Workshop Time: 

Friday July 27th - 4-5:30pm (Pre-Register)

2161 Amethyst Avenue, Shuniah, ON P7A 0A8   |   647-983-2482   |   superiortheatrefestival@gmail.com

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