2018 Event Details

Contemporary Dance Workshop

Heidi Strauss (+ Local Core Facilitator)

This workshop is an interactive exploration of movement in relationship to our physical relationships with space and each other.  After a warm-up that touches on a few practical movement fundamentals, we will play with tasks related to consequence & reaction, directionality in the body, and the use of sensation to generate physical memory.  These playful tasks will be done in duet and group scenarios and will allow us to notice when we listen in movement, and when we lead. 

Venue: The Findlandia Club


Workshop Time: 

Saturday July 28th - 9:30am-11:00am (Pre-Register)

2161 Amethyst Avenue, Shuniah, ON P7A 0A8   |   647-983-2482   |   superiortheatrefestival@gmail.com

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